The one-dimensional 1/4-filled Hubbard model with alternating interactions



The one-dimensional Hubbard model with different on-site interaction on the even (Ua) and odd (Ub) sites is considered within the framework of the weak coupling approach. In the case of a 1/4-filled band the dynamical nonequivalence of sites leads to the appearance of Umklapp processes in the system and to the dynamical generation of a commensurability gap in the charge excitation spectrum for UaUb and Ua>0 or Ub>0. Depending on the relation between the bare coupling constants the system shows four different regimes of behaviour in the infrared limit corresponding to normal metal, nonmagnetic insulator, antiferromagnetic insulator and superconducting states. The extended model including interaction between particles on nearest and next-nearest neighbour sites is also considered.