Analytical results for the electronic shell structure in mesoscopic systems: Balian-Bloch type theory for spheres, discs, rings and anti-dot lattices



The electronic shell structure resulting from the interference of closed orbital paths is determined for mesoscopic systems like spherical clusters, discs and rings by extending the semiclassical theory of Balian and Bloch. Analytical results for the shell structure in the density of states are obtained. Thus, the dependence of the shell structure on dimension, size and geometry and potential of the mesoscopic system and on an external magnetic field can be studied systematically. Comparison of the semiclassical results and those of quantum mechanical calculations permits analysis of typical quantum mechanical effects and shows the validity of the semiclassical theory. Our results should stimulate new experiments, can be used to calculate oscillations in the binding-energy, ionization-potential, and can be applied to analyze oscillations in the electronic density of states of quantum dot systems like anti-dot lattices.