• Incommensurate Phases;
  • Charge Density Waves;
  • Infinite Dimensions


The phase diagram of the model of spinless fermions with repulsive nearest neighbour interaction is calculated analytically on a hypercubic lattice in infinite dimensions (d [RIGHTWARDS ARROW] ∞). In spite of its simplicity the model displays a rich phase diagram depending on the doping δ, the interaction U and the temperature T. The system can be in the homogeneous phase (HOM), the nonsegregated AB charge density wave (AB-CDW), the AB phase separation region (PS-AB/HOM; coexistence of AB-CDW and HOM), the incommensurate phase (IP) or the IP phase separation region (PS-AB/IP; coexistence of AB-CDW and IP). We identify three important values of the interaction UIPL = 0.572 < UIPH = 1.914 < UIP/PS = 4.212 which distinguish four intervals of U. These imply four different types of phase diagrams. In all the three phase diagrams with U below UIP/PS the IP appears. We propose a new general ansatz for the order parameter of this phase. A competition between the IP, the PS-AB/IP and the PS-AB/HOM is found. The relevance of our findings for the phase scenario of the Hubbard model is shown.