Mott-Hubbard transition in a magnetic field



We study the density of states (DOS) as a function of the interaction U in the half-filled simplified Hubbard model in a magnetic field. This model is considered on the Bethe lattice in the limit of high dimensions. We show that the DOS can be calculated exactly, and that many of its properties have an astonishingly simple form. In particular, the DOS can be investigated explicitly in the limits of weak and strong coupling and near the metal-insulator transition. E.g., we find an explicit result for the critical value Uc, at which the metal-insulator transition occurs, as a function of the magnetization. The relation between the magnetization and the magnetic field is calculated numerically. An important result is that the metal-insulator transition, occurring in the model with B = 0, is continuously connected to the metal-insulator transition in the subspace of single spin flips.