FRW minisuperspace with local N=4 supersymmetry and self-interacting scalar field



A supersymmetric FRW model with a scalar supermultiplet and generic superpotential is analysed from a quantum cosmological perspective. The corresponding Lorentz and supersymmetry constraints allow to establish a system of first order partial differential equations from which solutions can be obtained. We show that this is possible when the superpotential is expanded in powers of a parameter λ≪1. At order λ0 we find the general class of solutions, which include in particular quantum states reported in the current literature. New solutions are partially obtained at order λ1, where the dependence on the superpotential is manifest. These classes of solutions can be employed to find states for higher orders in λ. Our analysis further points to the following: (i) supersymmetric wave functions can only be found when the superpotential has either an exponential behaviour, an effective cosmological constant form or is zero; (ii) If the superpotential behaves differently during other periods, the wave function is trivial (equation image = 0, i.e., no supersymmetric states). We conclude this paper discussing how our FRW minisuperspace (with N = 4 supersymmetry and invariance under time-reparametrization) can be relevant concerning the issue of supersymmetry breaking.