Exact eigenstates for a Hamiltonian which represents a first order perturbative approximation of the periodic Anderson model


  • F.W. Mertins

    1. Max-Planck-Institut für Physik komplexer Systeme, Nöthnitzer Str. 38, 01187 Dresden, Germany
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    • Present address: Dovestr. 1B, 10587 Berlin, Germany


We consider a two-band model with strong correlations derived from the Periodic Anderson Model by means of first order perturbation theory with respect to 1/U (U is the local interaction for f-sites). We show that at half-filling the Gutzwiller ansatz is an exact solution of that model for special parameters, generalizing a result of Brand and Giesekus. We use an exponential representation of the wave function, which allows for the derivations to use a terminating multi-commutator expansion. The latter motivates a generaliztion of the Gutzwiller wave function for the half-filled case. The combination of the Bardeen Cooper Schrieffer wave function and the Gutzwiller ansatz leads to exact solutions for further two-band models with strong correlations.