• Gravitomagnetic charge;
  • dual curvature tensors;
  • gravitational field equation;
  • antisymmetric source tensor


Gravitomagnetic charge that can also be referred to as the dual mass or magnetic mass is the topological charge in gravity theory. A gravitomagnetic monopole at rest can produce a stationary gravitomagnetic field. Due to the topological nature of gravitomagnetic charge, the metric of spacetime where the gravitomagnetic matter is present will be nonanalytic. In this paper both the dual curvature tensors (which can characterize the dynamics of gravitational charge/monopoles) and the antisymmetric gravitational field equation of gravitomagnetic matter are presented. We consider and discuss the mathematical formulation and physical properties of the dual curvature tensors and scalar, antisymmetric source tensors, dual spin connection (including the low-motion weak-field approximation), dual vierbein field as well as dual current densities of gravitomagnetic charge. It is shown that the dynamics of gravitomagnetic charge can be founded within the framework of the above dual quantities. In addition, the duality relationship in the dynamical theories between the gravitomagnetic charge (dual mass) and the gravitoelectric charge (mass) is also taken into account in the present paper.