Deep inside the pion. Reconciling QCD theory with data


  • Dedicated to Klaus Goeke on the occasion of his 60th birthday


Recent developments in the QCD description of the pion structure are reviewed. The CLEO pion-photon transition data analysis favors a distribution amplitude for the pion that is double-humped but endpoint-suppressed. After a short outline of the derivation of this amplitude from QCD sum rules with nonlocal condensates, we present the fully fledged analysis of the CLEO data prefaced by predictions for the Fγρπ form factor and commenting on the inherent theoretical uncertainties due to higher twists and NNLO perturbative corrections. We supplement our discussion by considering within QCD factorization theory, the electromagnetic pion form factor at NLO accuracy on one hand, and diffractive di-jets production on the other, comparing our predictions with the respective experimental data from JLab and the Fermilab E791 collaboration. In all cases, the agreement is impressive.