Ann. Phys. 9-10/2008: Special Issue: The Minkowski spacetime of special relativity theory - 100 years after its discovery


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On 21 September 2008 is the centennial for Hermann Minkowski's famous popular lecture in Cologne on “Space and Time”. Therein he demonstrated that the spacetime of Einstein's special relativity theory can be described by means of a four-dimensional (pseudo-)Euclidean geometry. The September/October 2008 issue of the Annalen is dedicated to the memory of Minkowski. Historical papers (Damour, Kastrup), papers extending special relativity (Mashhoon, Cacciatori-Gorini-Kamenshchik), papers on electrodynamics in Minkowski space (Itin-Friedman, Obukhov, Sihvola-Lindell), and an essay on the Weinberg-Witten theorem (Loebbert) convey ideas of the modern developments initiated by Minkowski's speech.