• Hubbard model;
  • spectral functions;
  • strongly correlated electrons;
  • antiferromagnetism.


We study the electron spectral function of the antiferromagnetically ordered phase of the three dimensional Hubbard model, using recently formulated low-energy theory based on the 2D half-filled Hubbard model which describes both collective spin and charge fluctuations for arbitrary value of the Coulomb repulsion U. The model then is solved by a saddle-point approximation within the CP1 representation for the Neel field. The single-particle properties are obtained by writing the fermion field in terms of a U(1) phase, Schwinger boson SU(2) fields and a pseudofermion variables. We demonstrate that the appearance of a sharp peak in the electron spectral function in the antiferromagnetic state points to the emergence of the bosonic mode, which is associated with spin ordering.