• Pseudogap;
  • high-Tc superconductivity;
  • cofermion;
  • dynamical mean-field theory.


Underdoped Mott insulators provide us with a challenge of many-body physics. Recent renewed understanding is discussed in terms of the evolution of pole and zero structure of the single-particle Green's function. Pseudogap as well as Fermi arc/pocket structure in the underdoped cuprates is well reproduced from the recent cluster extension of the dynamical mean-field theory. Emergent coexisting zeros and poles set the underdoped Mott insulator apart from the Fermi liquid, separated by topological transitions. The cofermion proposed as a generalization of exciton in the slave-boson framework accounts for the origin of the zero surface formation. The cofermion-quasiparticle hybridization gap offers a natural understanding of the pseudogap and various unusual Mottness. Furthermore the cofermion offers a novel pairing mechanism, where the cofermion has two roles: It reinforces the Cooper pair as a pair partner of the quasiparticle and acts as a glue as well. It provides a strong insight for solving the puzzle found in the dichotomy of the gap structure.