• Neutron radiative capture process;
  • primordial nucleosynthesis;
  • nuclear astrophysics;
  • cross sections;
  • cluster model;
  • phase shifts.


The possibility to construct intercluster interaction potentials in continuous and discrete spectra is shown in one-channel cluster model based on the classification of orbital states according to Young schemes. These potentials usually contain Pauli forbidden states, and correctly describe elastic scattering phase shifts taking into account resonance behavior and main characteristics of the bound states of nuclei in the considering cluster channel. The versions of intercluster interaction potentials describing the resonance nature of some phase shifts of the n7Li elastic scattering at low energies and the P2 ground state of 8Li in the n7Li cluster channel have been constructed for the demonstration of this approach. The possibility of describing the total cross sections of 7Li (n,γ)8Li within the energies from 5 meV (5 · 10-3 eV) to 1 MeV, including resonance at 0.25 MeV, has been demonstrated for the potentials obtained in the potential cluster model with forbidden states.