2D optical photon echo spectroscopy of a self-assembled quantum dot



Simulations of two dimensional coherent photon echo (2D-PE) spectra of self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum dots (QD) in different charged states are presented revealing the coupling between the individual mono-exciton math formula transitions and contributions of bi-excitons math formula. The information about the math formula states is crucial for various application scenarios of QDs, like e.g. highly efficient solar cells. The simulations rely on a microscopic description of the electronic structure by high-level atomistic many-body pseudopotential calculations. It is shown that asymmetric diagonal peak shapes and double cross-peaks are the result of math formula state contributions to the PE signal by analyzing the contributions of the individual pathways excited state emission, ground state bleach and excited state absorption. The results show that from the detuned math formula and math formula contributions the bi-exciton binding energies of the math formula manifold are revealed in 2D-PE signals.