CPT symmetry tests with cold math formula and antihydrogen


  • This is really huge, comparable to the mass of a bacteria

  • The highest energy from the largest accelerator (LHC) is ∼104GeV in the center of mass frame, corresponding to ∼108GeV in the laboratory frame. Even in the case of cosmic rays, it can be as high as 1011GeV.

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Precision comparisons of the properties of particles and their corresponding antiparticles are highly relevant because the Standard Model of elementary particle physics, a local, Lorentz-invariant field theory, is necessarily symmetric with respect to the combined CPT operation. This symmetry defines exact equality between the fundamental properties of particles and their anti-images. Any measured and confirmed violation constitutes a significant challenge to the Standard Model. Recent results of different CPT-tests are summarized, with emphasis to the high-precision measurement of the magnetic moment of the proton and the antiproton, as well as the precision investigation of antihydrogen ground state hyperfine splitting.