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Enhancing the Enantioselectivity of Novel Homogeneous Organometallic Hydrogenation Catalysts


  • We thank the EPSRC (UK) for a rolling grant to J.M.T. and general support to B.F.G.J., KDMH and a studentship to MDJ, and for financial assistance towards the single crystal diffractometers. We also thank Bayer AG, Leverkusen (Germany) for their support to R.R., the Marie Curie fellowship Scheme for J.R., ICI and the Newton trust for M.D.J‥ We gratefully acknowledge Dr. J. E. Davies for determining the crystal structures. Dr. S. Kitchin is acknowledged for the 19F MAS measurements and Mr. G. Burns for technical assistance.


original image

Ein am konkaven Silicatträger verankerter wohldefinierter asymmetrischer Single-Site-Komplex (siehe Bild) ermöglicht hohe Enantiomerenüberschüsse in heterogenen Hydrierungen. O rot, Si orange, Rh gelb, C grau, N blau, F grün, B pink, H weiß.

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