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Intramolecular Organocatalytic [3+2] Dipolar Cycloaddition: Stereospecific Cycloaddition and the Total Synthesis of (±)-Hirsutene


  • Acknowledgement is made to the Robert A. Welch Foundation (F-1466), the NSF-CAREER program (CHE0090441), the Herman Frasch Foundation (535-HF02), the NIH (RO1 GM65149-01), donors of The Petroleum Research Fund administered by the ACS (34974-G1), the Research Corporation Cottrell Scholar Award (CS0927), the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, and Eli Lilly for support of this research.


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Ein Versuchsgelände für Cyclopentanellierungen: Der Triquinan-Naturstoff Hirsuten war das Fernziel bei der Anwendung einer intramolekularen organokatalytischen [3+2]-Cycloaddition des 1,7-Enins (E)-1. Die Cycloaddition verläuft stereospezifisch: (Z)-1 liefert das entsprechende epimere Diquinan.