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Hydrolysis Triggers Oxidation of a trans Diamine Platinum(II) Anticancer Complex


  • We thank the BBSRC, Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology, Spanish CICYT (Grants SAF00-0029 and SAF 03-01700) and Wellcome Trust (Edinburgh Protein Interaction Centre) for support, Dr. John Parkinson, Dr. Claudia Blindauer and Dr. Juraj Bella for their help and advice with NMR experiments, and colleagues in the EC COST D20 for support and stimulating discussions.


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1H-, 15N- und195Pt-NMR-spektroskopische Experimente zeigen, dass die Aquaaddukte eines cytotoxischen trans-Diam(m)inplatin(II)-Komplexes bereits mit Luftsauerstoff zu den Platin(IV)-Komplexen oxidiert werden (siehe Bild).

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