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Structure and Phase Behavior of a 2:1 Complex between Arene- and Fluoroarene-Based Conjugated Rigid Rods


  • Arene–perfluoroarene Interactions in Crystal Engineering, Part 11. T.B.M. thanks the NSERC (Canada) for support, OneNorthEast (UK) for funding through the Nanotechnology UIC programme, and the University of Durham for a Sir Derman Christopherson Foundation Fellowship. EPSRC (UK) is gratefully acknowledged for financial support (W.C.) and for postgraduate studentships (J.M.B., J.C.C., and A.J.S.) We are grateful to Heriot-Watt University for supporting S.W.W. through the award of a studentship. S.W.W. and C.V. acknowledge useful conversations with Dr. I. J. McEwen (Department of Chemistry, H-WU), and we thank Prof. D. Bruce (Exeter) for helpful discussions. Part 10, J. C. Collings, P. S. Smith, D. S. Yufit, A. S. Batsanov, J. A. K. Howard, T. B. Marder, CrystEngComm2004, 6, 25.


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π-Stapelung mit Pfiff: Ein 2:1-π-Komplex aus 1,4-Bis(phenylethinyl)benzol und seinem perfluorierten Analogon zeigt als erster Komplex dieser Art eine von 1:1 abweichende Stöchiometrie. Die Stapelgeometrie des Systems (siehe Bild; H rot, F grün) ist ebenso ungewöhnlich wie sein komplexer Mesomorphismus.