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A β-Carboline-1-one Mimic of the Anticancer Amaryllidaceae Constituent Pancratistatin: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation


  • The authors are grateful to the following agencies for their support of this work: the National Science and Engineering Research Council, the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, the Ontario Innovation Trust, Brock University, the donors of the Petroleum Research Fund (administered by the American Chemical Society; Grant no. PRF-38075-AC), TDC Research Inc., and TDC Research Foundation. G.R.P. also thanks the Divison of Cancer Research Treatment and Diagnosis, National Cancer Institute, Department of Health and Human Services (Grant no. R01-CA90441-03), and the Arizona Disease Control Research Commission for financial support and is also grateful for the assistance provided by Dr. Jean-Charles Chapuis and Dr. Jean M. Schmidt.


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Gute Aussichten für das Wirkstoff-Design versprechen die Ergebnisse einer biologischen Evaluierung des Indol- Derivats 1 von Pancratistatin, einem bekannten Tumortherapeutikum, gegen eine Reihe von Krebszelllinien. Eine enzymatische Dihydroxylierung spielte in der kurzen, enantioselektiven Synthese von 1 eine zentrale Rolle.

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