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Expeditious, Potentially Primordial, Aminoacylation of Nucleotides


  • This work was carried out within working group D27/001/02 of the EU COST action “Prebiotic Chemistry and Early Evolution”, and was funded by COST and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. We thank Dr Jo Kirkpatrick (Oxford University) for the LC/ESI MS analysis and Jean-Pascal Gimeno for experimental assistance in the chemistry of the mixed anhydride 8. We gratefully acknowledge Peter Strazewski (Université Claude Bernard, Lyon 1) for his helpful comments on the manuscript and Auguste Commeyras (Université Montpellier 2) for facilitating the initiation of this collaborative project.


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Zu Anfang: Gemischte Carbonsäure-Phosphorsäure-Anhydride 3 aus 3′-Nucleotiden 1 und Aminosäuren-N-carboxyanhydriden 2 lagern in 2′-Aminoacylester 4 um oder cyclisieren zu 2′,3′-cyclischen Phosphaten 5. Der intramolekulare Aminoacyltransfer ist schneller als die Cyclisierung, obwohl 2′,3′-cyclische Phosphate sehr einfach durch jede andere Art von Phosphataktivierung zugänglich sind.