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Switching On Cell Adhesion with Microelectrodes



This article is corrected by:

  1. Errata: Switching On Cell Adhesion with Microelectrodes Volume 118, Issue 46, 7821, Article first published online: 20 November 2006

  • We are grateful to our colleagues, Ms. Marita Weerts-Eden and Ms. Elke Frahmann, for help with the cell cultures, and to Ms. Carolina Nunes-Kirchner and Dr. Oleg Sklyar (currently at the European Bioinformatics Institute (UK)) for developing the positioning system on a microscope. We are also thankful to Prof. J. O. Metzger (University of Oldenburg) for the synthesis of OEG thiols. This work is supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (Wi 1617/6, BioGeoChemistry of Tidal Flats).


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Festgeklebt! Mit der hier vorgestellten mikroelektrochemischen Methode lassen sich das Zelladhäsionsverhalten eines Substrats aus einer Oligoethylenglycol-terminierten Monoschicht (OEG-SAM) sowie die anschließende Zelladhäsion und das Zellwachstum in situ manipulieren.