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Extrusion of Boron(III) Subporphyrin from meso-Heptakis(pentafluorophenyl)[32]heptaphyrin upon Cooperative CuII and BIII Metalation


  • This work was partly supported by a Grants-in-Aid (A) for Scientific Research from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, Japan (no. 19205006; A.O.), and the Star Faculty Program of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Korea (D.K.). S.S. acknowledges the Research Fellowships of the JSPS for Young Scientists. D.K. acknowledges a fellowship from the BK 21 Program from the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development.


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Ungleich geteilt: Die kooperative CuII- und BIII-Metallierung von meso-Heptakis(pentafluorphenyl)[32]heptaphyrin (1) löst eine Extrusion aus, die zu BIII-meso-Tris(pentafluorphenyl)[14]subporphyrin (2) und einem CuII-Porphyrin (3-Cu) führt. Die optischen Eigenschaften des Subporphyrins 2 spiegeln die eingeschränkten Rotationsmöglichkeiten der elektronenziehenden Substituenten wider.