Rabe Rest in Peace: Confirmation of the Rabe–Kindler Conversion of d-Quinotoxine Into Quinine: Experimental Affirmation of the Woodward–Doering Formal Total Synthesis of Quinine


  • We are grateful to the National Institutes of Health for financial support (GM068011). Mass spectra were obtained on instruments supported by the NIH Shared Instrument Grant GM49631. We are particularly grateful to Prof. William von Eggers Doering of Harvard University for insightful and provocative discussions. We are indebted to Dr. Jeffrey I. Seeman for many thoughtful discussions and encouragement. We thank our co-workers, Dr. Thomas J. Greshock and Brandon English, for independently checking and repeating our best determined experimental conditions using the Rabe–Kindler conversion of d-quinotoxine into quinine procedure.


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Lange bezweifelt und doch korrekt: Die dreistufige Umwandlung von d-Chinotoxin in Chinin in der 1918 von Rabe und Kindler vorgeschlagenen Art und Weise wurde experimentell bestätigt. Diese Beobachtung bestätigt die formale Totalsynthese von Chinin durch Woodward und Doering im Jahre 1944.