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Total Synthesis of Chloptosin


  • We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (G.W.), the Swiss National Science Foundation (T.H.), the B.P. Endowment (S.V.L.), and scientific contributions from Dr. Stephan Knauer, Dr. Francesca Antonietti, and Leonardo Bertone. We also thank Dr. Rebecca J. M. Goss, University of East Anglia, and Dr. Steven Moss, Biotica Technology Ltd., for their collaboration on the biosynthetic preparation of 6-chlorotryptophan as well as Dr. John E. Davies, University of Cambridge, for the crystal structure of a piperazic acid derivative, and Professor K. Umezawa, Keio University, for providing a sample of the isolated natural product.


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Doppelt gemoppelt: Ein neues organokatalytisches asymmetrisches Verfahren zum Aufbau der Piperazinsäure-Einheiten und die Stille-Kupplung eines ortho-Chlorpyrroloindols dienten in der Totalsynthese des dimeren Cyclopeptids Chloptosin (siehe Struktur) als Schlüsselschritte.