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Mechanosynthesis of the Metallodrug Bismuth Subsalicylate from Bi2O3 and Structure of Bismuth Salicylate without Auxiliary Organic Ligands


  • Herchel Smith fund is acknowledged for funding and a research fellowship (T.F.) and the BBSRC for financial support (D.G.R.). G.J.J. acknowledges a SA/UK Science Networks grant from the British Council administered by the RSC. V.A. acknowledges Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia for funding (SFRH/BD/40474/2007). Dr. J. E. Davies is acknowledged for single-crystal diffraction data. Prof. R. E. Dinnebier is acknowledged for support in structure determination from powder diffraction data and Andy Fitch, ESRF, for support in synchrotron data collection.


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Fein gemahlen: Auf mechanochemischem Weg wurden der Pharmaka-Bestandteil Bismutsubsalicylat sowie Bismutdisalicylat und -trisalicylat direkt aus Bismutoxid hergestellt. Durch Röntgenpulverbeugung gelang die erste Strukturaufklärung eines Bismutsalicylats ohne organische Hilfsliganden (siehe Bild: Bi gelb, O rot, C grau; Salicylat-Ionen in zwei Koordinationsmodi: rosa und grün).

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