Catalyst-Free Dehydrative α-Alkylation of Ketones with Alcohols: Green and Selective Autocatalyzed Synthesis of Alcohols and Ketones


  • This research was supported by NNSFC (20902070), SRF for ROCS of SEM, ZJNSF (Y4100579), and ZJQJTP (QJD0902004).


Direct dehydrative α-alkylation reactions of ketones with alcohols are now realized under simple, practical, and green conditions without using external catalysts. These catalyst-free autocatalyzed alkylation methods can efficiently afford useful alkylated ketone or alcohol products in a one-pot manner and on a large scale by C[DOUBLE BOND]C bond formation of the in situ generated intermediates with subsequent controllable and selective Meerwein–Pondorf–Verley–Oppenauer-type redox processes.