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Desymmetrization of Diolefinic Diols by Enantioselective Amino-thiocarbamate-Catalyzed Bromoetherification: Synthesis of Chiral Spirocycles


  • We thank the National University of Singapore (grant no. 143-000-509-112), A*STAR-Public Sector Funding (grant no. 143-000-536-305), and GSK-EDB (grant no. 143-000-564-592) for financial support. D.T. would like to thank and acknowledge A*STAR for sponsoring his PhD scholarship.


A facile, efficient, and highly diastereo- and enantioselective bromoetherification of diolefinic diols has been developed using an amino-thiocarbamate catalyst. Further manipulations of the bromoether products enabled entry into a new class of spirocycles which are distinctively lacking in the literature.