• Eis;
  • Hierarchische Strukturen;
  • Leitfähige Materialien;
  • Silbernanodrähte;
  • Templatprozesse


As macroscopic three dimensional (3D) architectures show increasing significance, much effort has been devoted to the hierarchical organization of 1D nanomaterials into serviceable macroscopic 3D assemblies. How to assemble 1D nanoscale building blocks into 3D hierarchical architectures is still a challenge. Herein we report a general strategy based on the use of ice as a template for assembling 1D nanostructures with high efficiency and good controllability. Free-standing macroscopic 3D Ag nanowire (AgNW) assemblies with hierarchical binary-network architectures are then fabricated from a 1D AgNW suspension for the first time. The microstructure of this 3D AgNW network endows it with electrical conductivity and allows it to be made into stretchable and foldable conductors with high electromechanical stability. These properties should make this kind of macroscopic 3D AgNW architecture and it composites suitable for electronic applications.