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Elastomeric Fibers Based on Polyurethanes


  • From a report delivered on April 10th, 1962 at the meeting of the GDCh-Fachgruppe “Kunststoffe und Kautschuk” (Plastics and Rubber Group of the German Chemical Society) in Bad Nauheim.


Highly elastic polyurethanes suitable for fiber production can be obtained by various synthetic routes based on diisocyanate polyaddition processes. Macrodiisocyanates obtained from long chain diols and diisocyanates are allowed to react with polyamines during fiber formation (chemical spinning process) or the macrodiisocyanates are treated in solvents (e.g. dimethylformamide) with polyamines to give highly viscous, spinnable solutions of polymer. Both methods yield highly elastic polymers with wide-mesh network structures. The production of polyurethane fibers and their structures and physical properties are described.

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