Some Illustrative Applications of NMR Spectroscopy to Organic Chemistry


  • Contribution No. 2909 from the Gates and Crellin Laboratories of Chemistry. This paper is adapted from lectures presented at the Butlerov Symposium, Leningrad, December 14th, 1961 and the 65th birthday celebration for Professor Dr. G. Wittig, Heidelberg, June 16th, 1962.


In recent years, a revolution in the practice of organic chemistry has been brought about by the application of physical methods. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy has been especially important in this regard, but so many papers have been published dealing with its uses in organic chemistry that any brief review such as this one can only cover illustrative examples. After a general introduction, attention will be focussed here on several interesting structural and dynamic problems involving or related to research being carried on in our laboratories.