Gradient and Low-Temperature Thin-Layer Chromatography


  • Prof. Dr. E. Stahl

    Corresponding author
    1. Institut für Pharmakognosie der Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken (Germany)
    • Lecture, Achema Conference, 1964, in Frankfurt/M. Also Communication No. 14 on Thin-Layer Chromatography. – Communication No. 13: E. Stahl, Lab. Practice 13, 496 (1964).
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The preparation and the use of gradient layers for thin-layer chromatography are described. On a gradient layer there are three flow surfaces, all differing in their separation behavior. It is therefore possible to determine, for example, the basicity and/or activity which gives the optimum separation for a mixture of substances. Gradient thin-layer chromatography was also carried out at low temperatures, after the effect of temperature on the separation of various mixtures had been studied.