Cover Picture (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 11/1988)


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The cover picture shows part of a computer-controlled automatic apparatus used for rapid separations of short-lived atomic nuclei by liquid chromatography. A programmable electronic control-unit (shown in the upper half of the picture) schedules the separation procedure. In the center of the picture the position is shown where the products of nuclear-chemical reactions are deposited and dissolved after transportation by a gas-jet. The solution is continuously fed onto either of the two chromatographic columns contained in the metallic heating blocks shown at the bottom of the picture. The flow of different elution media is controlled by pneumatic valves in the red cylinders. Such set-ups are used in the search for superheavy elements. More about the results of these experiments, about the syntheses of the heaviest chemical elements and about the future trends of such studies is reported by G. Herrmann on page 1417ff. (Photo: A. Zschau, GSI Darmstadt).