Synthesis, Structure and Magnetic Properties of a Dinuclear Manganese(II) Complex with One μ-Aqua and Two μ-Carboxylato Bridges


  • This work was supported by the Italian Ministry of Public Education and by CNR.


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A water molecule between two complexed MnII centers—that is the salient feature of the title compound 1 (L = dihydroimidazole unit with N[BOND]O and N[BOND]O· functions). A μ-bridge similar to that in 1 might be present in many natural proteins, for example in the oxygen-transporting protein hemerythrin. Simple MnII model complexes containing O2⊖ and OH bridges were previously unknown. The d5 ions in this series of complexes are antiferromagnetically coupled; the coupling constants decrease by about an order of magnitude for each step on going from O2⊖ to OH to H2O.