Synthesis and Structure of [Et2OZn(SC6H2tBu3)2], the First T-Shaped Zinc Complex


  • This work was supported by the National Science Foundation.


The stacking of aryl groups once again appears to be structure-determining. The title complex, which is accessible by reaction of [Zn(CH2SiMe3)2] with two equivalents of 2,4,6-tBuC6H2SH in the presence of Et2O, has an S[BOND]Zn[BOND]S angle of ca. 160° and Zn[BOND]S distances of only 2.196 Å. In contrast, the Zn[BOND]O distance is relatively large and explains the ready cleavability of the ether ligands. Zinc thiolates are of interest as model complexes for zinc-containing proteins.