Direct Location of the Hydrido Ligands in the Dianion [H4Os10(CO)24]2− by a Neutron Diffraction Study of Its [(Ph3P)2N]+ Salt at 20 K


  • We acknowledge financial support from the Science and Engineering Research Council (M.McP.) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Kurt Hahn Scholarship for L. H. G.). We thank Professor J. W. Lauher (Stony Brook, USA) for his molecular graphics programme CHEM-RAY


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The hitherto best molecular model for the chemisorption of CO and H2 on metal surfaces is the decanuclear cluster ion [H4Os10(CO)24]2−1. All four hydrido ligands are located on the surface of the metal framework; consequently an initiating H…CO interaction can be deduced because of the very tight C[BOND]H contacts.