Cover Picture (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 15/16/1994)


original image

The cover picture shows schematically the construction of two isostructural, adamantanoid, spacer-free, metallospherands [Fe4L6] (L = dianion of dialkyl 2,5-dialkoxy-carbonyl-3,4-dioxo-l,6-hexanedicarboxylate) formed by self-assembly. An NHmath image ion is encapsulated in its center. One FeII (silver sphere) and three FeIII ions (golden spheres) form a regular tetrahedron, whose six edges are bridged by bis(bidentate) ligands L (charcoal-colored angled rods). The cover picture was produced with the program POV-Ray on a Silicon Graphics Indigo Workstation by Dr. R. Burak. Further details of the synthesis, characterization, and properties of these inclusion compounds are reported by R. W. Saalfrank et al. on p. 1621ff.