Structure Determination in the Twilight Region Between Monolayers and 3-D Crystals; a Grazing Incidence X-Ray Diffraction Study of Nanocrystalline Aggregates of α,ω-Docosanediol at the Air–Water Interface


  • We acknowledge financial support from the Minerva Foundation, Munich, Germany.


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Double layers are formed by α,ω-docosanediol (C22 diol) when it is spread on a water surface. The space group (a slightly relaxed form of P21/a) and the lattice parameters of the unit cell were determined by X-ray diffraction. Furthermore, multilayer formation was inhibited by addition of 10% of C24H49OH or 5% of HO(CH2)22OCH2Ph to the spreading solution. The coverage with the double layer was reduced to less than 15%; the rest was occupied by a monolayer.