Self-Assembly of a Ferromagnetically Coupled Manganese(II) Tetramer


  • This work was partly funded by the EPSRC and Unilever Research. We thank Dr. J. P. Maher for recording the EPR spectrum, Dr. J. Crosby and Miss Kate Byrom for recording the electrospray mass spectra, and Dr. S. G. Carling and Prof. P. Day of the Royal Institution for assistance with recording the magnetic data.


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π-Stacking interactions between adjacent aromatic ligand fragments of L separated by approximately 3.4 Å provides a pathway for weak ferromagnetic coupling in the tetramer [Mn4L4](PF6)4 (1). The cavity of L is too large for a single MnII ion; instead the tetramer 1 comprises a Mn4 tetrahedron, with a ligand L attached to each triangular face. In the self-assembly of 1, eight components are combined under the formation of 24 Mn[BOND]N bonds to give a complicated structure.