Photochemically Initiated Protein Splicing


  • P. G. S. acknowledges support from the Office of Energy Research, Division of Material Sciences and Division of Energy Biosciences, and the Office of General Life Sciences, Structural Biology Division, of the U. S. Department of Energy under Contract No. DE-AC03-76SF00098. The authors thank Huimin Kong and Sharon Cload for technical assistance, and Francine Perler, Paul Evans, Virginia Cornish, and Don Comb for helpful discussions.


More details on the mechanism of protein splicing were revealed from the substitution of O-(2-nitrobenzyl)serine for the conserved Ser1082 at the upstream splice junction of the self-splicing DNA polymerase of Thermococcus litoralis. Full length precursor protein was produced, which underwent protein splicing only upon photolysis.