Cover Picture (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 16/1995)


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The cover picture shows the key palladium-catalyzed steps in total syntheses of the natural products taxol and dynemicin A, which have fascinated syntheic chemists the past few years. The success of the total synthesis of taxol hinged on a Pd-catalyzed heck reaction, and that of dynemicin A relied on the Pd-induced cross-coupling of a bis(iodoethynyl) intermediate with (Z)-bis(trimetylstannyl)ethene. Although these were not the first total syntheses of the targets, the strategies and tactics of the “Danishefsky syntheses” are certainly worth a close look (see p. 1721 ff). The era of natural products synthesis appears not to have reached its zenith yet!