Synthetic Receptors Based on Vinylogous Sulfonyl Peptides


  • We thank NATO for a Collaborative Research Grant (NATO 921422) to C. G. and W. C. S. We acknowledge the support of the U. S. National Institutes of Health (grant HL 25634 to W. C. S.) and the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie (Liebig fellowship to H. P. N.).


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The tripeptide sequence (L-Pro)-(D-Val)-(D-Pro) is recognized by a tweezerlike molecular receptor constructed from vinylogous sulfonyl peptides (see diagram on the right). The screening of this tweezer molecule against a combinatorial tripeptide library reveals interesting sequence specifities for this new class of receptors. DR = dye molecule (Disperse Red 1), • = polystyrene support.