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Synthesis, Structure, Photophysics, and Excited-State Redox Properties of the Novel Luminescent Tetranuclear Acetylidocopper(I) Complex [Cu4(μ-dppm)4412-C[TRIPLE BOND]C-)](BF4)2


  • V. W.-W. Y. acknowledges financial support from the Research Grants Council, the Croucher Foundation, and The University of Hong Kong. W. K.-M. F. acknowledges the receipt of a postgraduate studentship, administered by The University of Hong Kong, dppm = bis(diphenylphosphano)methane.


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A strong reducing power in the excited state is just one of the features of the tetranuclear copper(I) complex 1. It contains an acetylide dianion bridging four copper atoms in both η1 and η2 bonding modes and exhibits long-lived luminescence. The central framework of the structure is shown on the right.

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