Directed Synthesis of Stable Hydrogen Polyphosphides: Preparation and Structural Characterization of HPmath image in (NBnMe3)2HP11 and (PBnPh3)2HP11 as Well as Its Comparison with the First “Naked” Pmath image Ion in (NEtMe3)3P11


  • The authors are grateful to Dr. W. Hoffbauer for the recording of the solidstate NMR spectra. Bn = benzyl.

  • Dedicated to Professor Marianne Baudler on the occasion of her 75th birthday


original image

Rapid decomposition in solution is characteristic for hydrogen polyphosphides. Nevertheless, two simple new syntheses—each with a little trick—have made it possible to prepare two stable salts of the novel anion HPmath image (shown on the right) for the first time, starting from cesium undecaphosphide.