Hf7P4: A New Binary Phosphide Synthesized by a Surprising Route


  • H. K. thanks the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft for financial support of this work. The Ames Laboratory is operated for the US Department of Energy by Iowa State University under Contract No. D-7405-Eng-82. This research was also supported by the Office of the Basic Energy Sciences, Materials Science Division, Department of Energy.

  • Dedicated to Professor Hans Georg von Schnering on the occasion of his 65th birthday


A flux is essential for the synthesis of Hf7P4, which has been obtained by the reaction of Hf with Fe and HfP. The compound proved to be thermodynamically stable and iron-free, but could not be synthesized without the addition of iron as a flux material. Hf7P4 is surprisingly isostructural with Zr7P4, and a possible explanation for this is given based on COOP calculations.