Octaethylhemiporphycene: Synthesis, Molecular Structure and Photophysics


  • This work was funded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (J. L. S. and S. J. W.), and in part by the BMBF-Verbundforschungsprojekt “Photodynamische Lasertherapie” (E. V. and K. S.) and the U. S. National Science Foundation (J. L. S.).

  • Dedicated to Professor Heinz A. Staab on the occasion of his 70th bithday


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Promising as a chelating agent and as a photosensitizer hemiporphycene is the third porphyrin isomer after porphycene and corrphycene with a central N4 coordination sphere. The stable octaethyl derivative of hemiporphycene 1 was obtained by the combination of a McMurry reaction a reductive CC cleavage from a bis(tetraphyrroledialdehyde). Like its congeners. 1 possesses a planar ring skeleton.