Eight-Coordinate [Bis(oxyiminodiactate titanium(IV)]2− and Nine-Coordinate [Bis(oxyiminodiacetate)aquazirconium(IV)]2−; Variation in Coordination Mode in Amavadin-Like Complexes


  • We gratefully acknowledge the support of this work by British Nuclear Fuels including a studentship (S M. H.) and a postdoctoral appointment (P. D. S.) and The Royal Society (D. C.) for financial support.


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N-hydroxyiminodiacetic acid (H3(hida) reacts with [TiO(acac)2] or [Zr)acac)4] to form [Ti(hida)2]2− or These complexes crystallize from water with Ca2+ counter ions in the form of extended networks. The metal center in the TiIV complex is eight-coordinate, whereas the larger ZrIV center is nine-coordinated with ligation of an additional H2O molecule (see picture on the right).