MOCVD-Loading of Mesoporous Siliceous Matrices with Cu/ZnO: Supported Catalysts for Methanol Synthesis


  • The authors gratefully acknowledge the German science foundation (DFG) for their generous support within the framework of the collaborative research centre (SFB) 558 “metal –support interactions in heterogeneous catalysis”, and Prof. H. Gies for providing high-quality MCM-48.


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Consecutive vaporization cycles for the preparation of heterogeneous catalysts: Active Cu- and ZnO-containing methanol-synthesis catalysts were obtained by vaporizing suitable organometallic precursors into mesoporous silicates, followed by thermal treatment (see scheme). The catalytically active components in the final material have nanoscopic dimensions. The methanol production by the catalysts is similar to that of systems synthesized by the classical route.