Semi-Automated Synthesis and Screening of a Large Library of Degradable Cationic Polymers for Gene Delivery


  • This work was supported by the NSF (through the MIT Biotechnology Process and Engineering Center) and the NIH (Grant No.: EB00244). D.G.A also thanks the NIH for his postdoctoral fellowship. Finally, we would like to thank the many members of the Langer research group for their help, in particular Nashuad Hossain, Akin Akinc, and David Putnam.


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Higher delivery efficiency than conventional nonviral systems (such as poly(ethyleneimine)) have been identified in 46 polymers through cell-based screening of a large, 2350-member library by a high-throughput, semi-automated process. The transfection potential of the polymers was assessed by testing their ability to deliver luciferase expressing plasmid and green fluorescent protein plasmid (see picture) to a monkey kidney fibroblast cell line.