Electrochemically Controlled Layer-by-Layer Deposition of Metal-Cluster Molecular Multilayers on Gold


  • This work was supported by Grant-in-Aids for Scientific Research on Priority Area of “Electrochemistry of Ordered Interfaces” (Nos. 09554037 and 09237106) and No. 09740483 from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture, Japan. Financial support from the Sasakawa Scientific Research Grant from the Japan Science Society (to M.A.) and PRESTO, Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST) (to S.Y.) is gratefully acknowledged. We thank Prof. M. Osawa (Catalysis Research Center, Hokkaido University) for valuable discussions.


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Layer-by-layer metal-cluster molecular multilayers are fabricated onto preorganized self-assembled monolayers on Au electrode surfaces. The molecular building block, [Ru33-O)(μ-CH3COO)6(bpy)2(CO)] (bpy=4,4′-bipyridine), is applied by displacing the water ligand on the cluster core (see picture), which is precisely controlled through the electrode potential. The series of multilayers transport electrons across the molecularly linked backbone.