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Low-Temperature Wafer-Scale Production of ZnO Nanowire Arrays


  • This work was supported by the Department of Energy. P.Y. is an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow. Work at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory was supported by the Office of Science, Basic Energy Sciences, Division of Materials Science of the U.S. Department of Energy. We thank the National Center for Electron Microscopy for the use of their facilities.


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Homogeneous and dense arrays of ZnO nanowires were synthesized on silicon wafers (and many other substrates) using a mild solution process at 90 °C. Uniform ZnO nanocrystals were deposited to act as seeds for subsequent hydrothermal nanowire growth, which yielded single-crystalline ZnO nanowires grown along the [0001] direction and oriented perpendicular to the wafer surface (see picture; scale bar=1μm). The photoluminescence and lasing behavior of the arrays has been studied as a function of annealing treatment conditions.